Cost of a vehicle wrap

How many times have you considered a vehicle wrap and didn’t go ahead because “a wrap is just too expensive.” The cost is significant — $2500 to $4000, depending – BUT the issue and consideration is not the cost, but the benefit.

A wrap done on a commercial vehicle is a form of advertising and if designed and executed well, a very effective and efficient form of advertising. Can you recall a time when you have seen a vehicle wrap that causes you to not only notice it but follow it down the street with your gaze? An excellent wrap projects an image that can generate interest and attraction to use your business – in other words, leads.
Perhaps just as significant, the cost per view of an effective wrap when compared to other forms of advertising is far and away the least. According to a study by the Media Buyers Guide organization, the cost per thousand impressions for vehicle wraps is $.40 compared to $7.75 for radio advertising, $18.15 for prime time television, and $19.75 for newspaper. Another study found that 95%+ recalled advertising on trucks and had a favorable impression of the message.
So, remember, you are not purchasing a wrap, you are investing in advertising and the image of your business. When viewed in that context, the question becomes can you afford to not wrap your vehicle!