Stainless-Foam laminated letters

Create a Favorable First Impression for your Customers

Ever go into a business lobby or reception area and see an inspiring 3-dimensional logo sign for that business? What was your impression? If you are like me, you thought that this business has  its act together. Of course the reception area must also be neat and clean with some attractive furnishings to complete the perception, but what if it had all that without the logo sign?  It would not be as impressive or inspiring.

Designs Phoenix specializes in innovative and creative lobby signs. We use a variety of materials from clear and colored Plexiglas, to wood, to brushed metal, to foam, to PVC. We use many forms of mounting mechanisms with one of the most versatile being  aluminum stand-offs in many shapes, sizes, depths and colors. Standoffs allow one or multiple layers for different effects. We can work with all budgets to give your company the professional image it requires and deserves.

Here are some examples of possibilities:

Reverse Plexiglas mounted printed logo.

Custom Signs


Built-up Plexiglas with reverse painting and brushed aluminum faced foam letters.

lobby Signs


Built-up coated foam logo and lettering on aluminum diamond plate with red standoffs

Coated Foam Sign
Bring your logo and your ideas and we can craft a truly inspiring lobby sign for you and your customers.