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Fleet Graphics – They Don’t Have to be Elaborate to be Effective

While working with a company that does asphalt paving, repair, and sealing, it occurred to us that fleet graphics do not have to be elaborate to be effective. Also, a fleet can consist of very diverse vehicles, not just trucks and vans. 


Morgan Pavement is a growing company known for its top-notch work. With growth, comes new vehicles and Morgan has a distinct logo that it uses on all of them. As you can see in the attached photos, Morgan’s’ logo in various sizes is displayed on all of their vehicles, whether they be pavers, slurry seal spreaders, line painters, or equipment trailers. Of course all of their trucks of various sizes and configurations also carry the logo.

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One of the prime purposes of fleet graphics is brand awareness. Since Morgan has their logo on all items, any one passing by one of their projects knows right away who is doing the work. Moreover, many of the vehicles have Morgan’s phone number. Hard to say how many calls they get from that, but the information is front and center for prospects to see.

If you have a fleet of vehicles in need of brand awareness, make it a point to visit Designs Phoenix and let us show you what we can do. Like Morgan Pavement, you too can take full advantage of labeled trucks and equipment to promote your company!