Full Vehicle Wrap, Partial Wrap or Vehicle Decals

A Full Wrap, a Partial Wrap, or Vehicle Decals? (Part 2)

When considering applied vehicle graphics, there are three basic options, a full wrap, a partial wrap, or decals. Each has different possibilities and price ranges. So, how do you decide? In this article, we discuss wraps.

While budget is a strong consideration, the purpose for the graphic needs to be factor as well. If you are using the graphics to convey basic company information – website, phone, address, business hours, services offered, simple logo, etc. – then lettering and decals will do the job.

If your purpose is generating interest and leads, it is hard to beat an effectively designed and installed wrap. Your vehicle becomes a rolling bill board for your business. With today’s print technology, your only limit is your imagination. Photos, graphics, 3-D effects, textures, and colors can all be incorporated and integrated into a design that draws attention to and interest in your business. The cost for a full wrap ranges from $2200 to $4000 per vehicle depending on size and complexity of the vehicle contours. If that is not in your budget and you still need the splash, consider a partial wrap – also very effective if designed well and the vehicle color is compatible – and proportionately less in cost.

Here are examples of full and partial wraps:

Partial Vehicle wrap

¾ Wrap on a white van.