Full Vehicle Wrap, Partial Wrap or Decals?


When considering applied vehicle graphics, there are three basic options: a full wrap, a partial wrap, or decals. Each has different possibilities and price ranges. So, how do you decide which is the right option for your business?

While budget is a strong consideration, the purpose for the graphic needs to be factored as well. If you are using the graphics to convey basic company information – website, phone, address, business hours, services offered, logo, etc. – and the condition and color of the paint is good — then lettering and printed and/or cut vinyl decals will do the job. The cost will be the least of the three options – very roughly $400 to $1500 per vehicle depending graphic size and complexity. In Phoenix, be sure that the installation uses premium digital vinyl with UV lamination for the printed decals, and premium cast vinyl for the cut graphics particularly if the vehicle will be stored in the sun. The Southwest’s intense sun is not friendly to intermediate material.

Let Designs Phoenix Signs and Graphics help you make the right decision for your business. In the next article, we will detail the benefits and costs of full and partial wraps.