Vehicle Graphics: Magnet signs vs. Installed Graphics

Saw two trucks at a job site the other day that caused me to stop and take some photographs. I am sometimes asked if “we do magnets”. My standard answer is yes, but…

To me, magnet signs have a very specific purpose – they are a good solution if the vehicle must not have direct vinyl applied. Valid reasons include: my home-owners association does not allow vehicle graphics; the vehicle is a multi-use machine and needs to have changeable graphics; or I do not want my neighborhood to know what I do so I remove the graphics in the evening. (Magnet signs do need to be moved frequently to avoid paint damage.)

If none of these or similar reasons are not applicable, I always recommend considering direct vinyl graphics. Why? The two trucks I mentioned earlier provide a dramatic answer – as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And fortunately for you readers, I have some which illustrate my point.

One of the prime purposes of fleet graphics is brand awareness. A second critical purpose is projecting your company’s image. The trucks in question are both owned by a very fine commercial cleaning company that services the Phoenix area. (Designs Phoenix did not do the graphics on either truck — I am using them to illustrate my point.) I noticed the trucks at a high-rise project where we were installing 17 large murals (more on that in a coming article). The trucks were parked near each other in the new parking garage. Below are the trucks – one with magnets and one with a partial wrap supplemented by print-cut and cut vinyl. Which truck best represents the company?

ljsvehicle wraps phoenixCar Graphics Phoenix

If you have a fleet of vehicles in need of brand awareness and also in need of projecting your image in the most favorable light, make it a point to visit Designs Phoenix and let us show you what we can do.

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